Traditional Craft Ryori Summer

Japanese food for the summer season

Summer is cool

Cool in summer

Traditional crafts as practical tools
Practical enough to enjoy in everyday life,
rather than just with pricey garnished foods

Cool in summer


Summer meal

Summer arrangement
Drinking ume-shu from beautiful cut glassware


Kyoto cut glassware artisan
Created by Akira Watanabe


What is cut glassware?
Glass crafting
Japanese name for cut

Marinated octopus

Marinated octopus
Crabs painted on glass
and pottery

Cook rice in a pot

Rice dishes cooked
in clay pots

Ginger Shiso Umeboshi

Shiso (beefsteak plant)
Umeboshi (pickled plum)
Summer lethargy prevention

Broiled eel

Grilled unagi (eel)
Eat unagi (eel) for nutrition
during the hot season

Cold udon noodles

Udons are a kind of
Japanese noodle!
Cooling and heaping in a

Japanese confectionery

Oak and Zongzi
(rice cakes wrapped in oak leaves)
and chimaki
(cake wrapped in bamboo leaves)

Eaten at Boys’ Day at the beginning of May
Meaning of Boys’ Day
Protecting newborn baby boys
Praying for safe growth
Displaying armor (kabuto and yoroi)

Carp streamer

decorative flags



The bitter summer orange jelly

Natsu-mikan (Japanese summer orange) flavored youkan

What is youkan?
Casting azuki bean jam into a mold
Sweet treats with agar gelatin

The bitter summer orange jelly
Green tea&jelly

Matcha and youkan

Green tea&jelly

Candied lemon
Youkan made from tea
Azuki youkan

Green tea&jelly

The beginning of summer
is the shipment time for
tea leaves.
Enjoying ryoku-cha
(green tea)

Green tea&jelly

Matcha is a type of green tea
in powdered form
Add hot water, stir, and drink

Green tea&jelly

Also used as an ingredient
in cooking and snacks

Dry confectionery

Dry confectionery
Low-moisture dried
Japanese sweets
Using shape and color to
illustrate the start of summer

Dry confectionery

Iris Stream Shell

Iris Flower


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